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Published on 15 September 2023 at 10:00

There are so many edible products on the market it can be overwhelming deciding what to buy. Knowing how products differ from each other can be crucial in finding the right product. Two edibles that are both 5 mg THC can vary in flavor, type of extraction, and ingredients.

Dietary Restrictions

Most cannabis gummies contain gelatin or pectin to achieve their desired consistency. Gelatin is made from animal byproduct whereas pectin is made from plants. If a customer is vegan or kosher, avoid products from The Cannabis Collective and Tir Na Nog. Mend, Upstate Elevator, and Sunset Lake are all made with pectin so they are vegan and kosher friendly.

People looking to avoid sugar can still enjoy edibles too! There are plenty of capsules that don’t contain sugar. There is also the Sugar Free Citrus Gummies from Tir Na Nog which is made from stevia instead. Checking the label is always a safe bet if there is a customer with allergies. Be aware of the warning label
of tree nuts. This is usually from MCT oil which is derived from coconuts.


Vegan / Kosher Contains gelatin Sugar free
Mend Tir Na Nog All Capsules
Sunset Lake Altitude Drops Sugar free citrus gummies
Upstate Elevator Cannabis Collective


Full Spectrum vs. Distillate Edible products


Another factor to consider when choosing an edible product is the type of extraction used. Commonly manufacturers use cannabis distillate for cost and ease of production. This is made from extracting the plant's compounds and then evaporating away all the compounds except for THC (can also be done for other types of
cannabinoids). This can be useful when trying to create a consistent product.


Full spectrum extracts will have the same amount THC but will also contain minor cannabinoids and terpenes. These minor cannabinoids and terpenes are what give each strain its specific effects. Full spectrum extracts yield unique experience that is true to the strain they started with. This can be nice if someone is looking
for a “sativa” or “indica” edible.

In Tir Na Nog’s Pomegranate and Blueberry Coriander, they use a combination of distillate and full spectrum extract. The THC is added in distillate form while terpenes are added from specific strains, making it a full spectrum product.


Distillate Full spectrum
All Mend Products Sour Starfruit
Sour Cherry Strawberry Lemonade
Passion Fruit Blackberry
Yuzu Altitude Drops
Sugar Free Citrus Pomegranate
Higher Ele-mints Blueberry Coriander
Nighty Nights Mapes
Root Beer Drops Maple Leafs
Send It Squares Maple Sugar
All Sunset Lake Upstate Tincture
All Haute & Heady
All Vernontourage
All Cannabis Beverages

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